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  • Discovery: World's Biggest Ship
    Find out more about the Triple-E series of ships here:
    The team at Discovery follows the construction of the world's largest ever container ship as they push engineering boundaries to deliver the first Triple-E on time. This exciting preview gives a glimpse into the series.
  • Container Ship Main Engine Starting
    This video shows how to operate the main engine (94rpm max) of a container ship from the emergency manoeuvring station (engine side control console).

    The engine is started using compressed air which pushes the pistons down in sequence to bring the speed up before fuel is injected.

    In this video the large hand wheel is used to regulate the rack and slide operation of all of the engine's fuel pumps which control the amount of fuel entering the cylinders and so, the speed of the engine.

    Main Engine Man B&W 12K98MC
    - 12 Straight cylinders in-line
    - 980mm Bore
    - 2660mm Stroke
    - 68640 kW (92048 hp) @ 94 rpm

    8478 teu, 91038 Gross tonnage, 334 Metre long Container ship.
  • Container Ship Engine Room Tour
    Tour of a Container Ship Engine Room (main engine 2-stroke, generators 4-stroke)
    Main Engine Man B&W 12K98MC
    980mm Bore
    2660mm Stroke
    68640kW (92048bhp) @ 94rpm
  • Engine Room Tour of Cargo ship
    This Video is shot by Marine Engineer Arjun Kalra in a container ship- MSC MATILDE. He has brilliantly covered all the important engine room machinery and systems right from tunnel to funnel (Top to Bottom). If you are a new bee, this is a must watch video to understand how the engine room of a cargo ship looks like.

    Thank You Arjun Kalra for submitting this video.
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