Wreckage of the aircraft cruiser IJN Mogami (liveleak.com)
Launched in 1934, Mogami was the first of the Mogami class cruisers. Serving throughout WWII, Mogami narrowly survived the Battle of Midway and was later converted to an Aircraft Cruiser. During the Battle of Surigao Strait on October 25, 1944 Mogami was crippled from the early morning engagement and was later bombed in the Bohol Sea by TBF Avengers from Task Force 77.4.1. After being abandoned she was scuttled by torpedoed from the IJN destroyer, Akebono. 192 crew members perished with the ship. Mogami now lays in just over 1450 meters of seawater. RV Petrel discovered Mogami on May 8, 2019.

Here is a video of the port side of the Mogami.
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