Russian billionaire has World's Largest 140 Metre Sailing Superyacht Under Construction (
An amazing 140 metre sailing superyacht is currently being built in Germany.

Images have just surfaced online showing a new 140-metre long superyacht currently under construction at a German naval yard.

Dubbed ‘White Pearl’, the superyacht will become the equal tenth longest private yacht ever produced. Even more incredible is the fact that it is actually a sailing yacht and will be the largest of its kind. The main mast of the yacht is expected to extend 100 m into the air and will be joined by two other masts all made from lightweight carbon fibre.
It is reported that the White Pearl will feature a 65 person crew to help run and maintain it. It will also inevitably incorporate a plethora of living and dining spaces.

White Pearl is tipped to be ready at the end of the year and has apparently been ordered by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.
  • Eduard Kucheruk Yes, Dream Symphony is the biggest superyacht at the moment.
  • Hulya Ali-Zade Kuceruk GM at DSV Yachts For the moment the largest supeyacht under construction is Dream Symphony by DSV Yachts Ltd 141 LOA, check it on
    I can supply also pictures of real one under construction to any requested email
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