10 Important Safety Drills and Training Procedures for Ship's Engine Room (marineinsight.com)
Drills on board ships play an important role in preparing the crew for emergency situations. Learn about ten important safety drills and training procedures for ship's engine room.

Mentioned below are ten important drills and training procedures for the ship’s engine room.

1. Engine Room Fire Drills: Accidents as a result of fire are the most common in the ship’s engine room. Fire drills, which must include fire fighters from both deck and engine sides, are to be carried out frequently to ensure that the ship’s crew to well prepared for any such adverse condition. Fire drills must be performed at various levels and machinery of engine room i.e. Boiler, Generator, Purifier, Main Engine etc.
2. Engine Room Flooding Drill: A delayed action during engine room flooding can lead to loss of important machinery such as generators, main engine etc., leading to complete blackout of the ship. Engine room flooding response training and immediate repair actions must be taught to engine crew. The flooding training must include response actions to different emergency situations such as grounding, collision etc. which can lead to structural damage and flooding of water in the engine room.
3. Enclosed Space Drill: Engine room comprises of several tanks and confined spaces which are unsafe to enter without preparation and permission. Enclosed space training with risk assessment and dedicated checklists must be carried out for all ship’s crew.
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