3 Important Calculations Every Marine Engineer Must Know On Ships (marineinsight.com)
Some essential parameters in the ship's engine room cannot be read directly through an instrument or gauge. Marine engineer working onboard ships must know how to carry out these important formula based calculations using a number of dynamic factors.
This demands the marine engineer working onboard ships to do some formula based calculations by considering all those factors and with possible available inputs. Of all the important calculations that are to be done on board ships, there a few ones which marine engineers must know without fail.

Following are 3 important parameters which are most often required to be calculated by marine engineers for record keeping:
1. Bunker Calculation: Bunker terms to fuel oil in maritime industry. Bunker quantity calculation is the most important calculation which every marine engineer should be familiar with throughout his career. Bunker fuel, being a high valued product, has to be very carefully and accurately calculated for determining the quantity.
2. Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC):

Specific fuel oil consumption is the measure of mass of fuel consumed per unit time to produce per KW. The marine engine efficiency is usually determined using the SFOC.

In order to achieve accuracy, the fuel consumption and power developed is always measured over a suitable time period on a good weather. The formula used for calculating SFOC is:

SFOC (g/kwh) = Mass of fuel consumed per hour / Power developed in KW

3. Percentage of Slip:
Slip is considered as the difference between the speed of the engine and actual speed of the ship. It is always calculated in percentage. Positive slip is influenced by various reasons such as fouled bottom or hull part which offers resistance to the movement of ship, environmental factors such as water current and wind against the ship direction. Slip may be negative if the ship speed is influenced by following sea or wind. Engine slip is calculated daily onboard the vessel and recorded in log book.
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