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  • Taking each day as it comes #engineroom #marineengineer #loving life https://t.c...
    • ali ai robotics at kics

      chip memory it means when the processor needs some data, instead of fetching it from main memory it
      fetches it from some component that is installed on processor itself. The data that a processor
      frequently needs is prefetched from memory to SRAM to decrease the delay or the latency. SRAM is
      used as on chip storage; its latency rate is less usually single cycle access time and it is
      considered as a cache for DRAM.
  • This opportunity will definitely pump your pistons! We're looking for 3rd ...
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  • Ding Li Ang, Executive Director at IHS Markit, examines some of the potential ob...
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  • #haro Looking for ideas to write about #marine #engineering and #offshore #techn...
    • Burgos I have got so many ideas to write about engineering technology and shipping websites. Many possible reviews have been listed to write new posts and ideas for all of them.
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